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Use this interface to configure server-scope and application-scope instrumentation for diagnostic monitors that will execute diagnostic code at selected locations in server or application code.

Security rolesThe following roles have read, write, and invoke permission for all non-encrypted attributes and operations in this MBean:
  • Deployer
Fully Qualified Interface NameIf you use the getMBeanInfo operation in MBeanTypeServiceMBean, supply the following value as this MBean's fully qualified interface name:
Factory Methods No factory methods. Instances of this MBean are created automatically.
Access Points You can access this MBean from the following MBean attributes:

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    This section describes attributes that provide access to other MBeans.


      The diagnostic monitors defined in this instrumentation scope.

      Factory MethodscreateWLDFInstrumentationMonitor (java.lang.String name)

      destroyWLDFInstrumentationMonitor (WLDFInstrumentationMonitorBean monitor)

      Factory methods do not return objects.

      See Using factory methods.

      Privileges Read only
      Relationship type: Containment.


      This section describes the following attributes:


      The state of the instrumentation behavior for the server or application. If false, there will no weaving (inserting of diagnostic code) in the application or server code during class loading. In addition, if woven classes are already loaded, disabling instrumentation will disable all the monitors in this scope.

      Privileges Read/Write


      Pattern expressions for classes that will be excluded from this instrumentation scope. If specified, classes matching given patterns will not be instrumented.

      For more information, see:

      Privileges Read/Write
      Typeclass java.lang.String[]


      Return the unique id of this bean instance.

      Privileges Read only
      Redeploy or Restart required Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.


      Pattern expressions for classes that are included in this instrumentation scope. If specified, only included classes will be instrumented. If not specified, all classes loaded within the application and which are not explicitly excluded are eligible for instrumentation.

      A pattern can end with an asterisk (*), in which case it will match with all classes whose fully qualified classname starts with the prefix of the pattern. For example, weblogic.rmi.* will match with all classes in weblogic.rmi and its subpackages.

      For more information, see:

      Privileges Read/Write
      Typeclass java.lang.String[]


      The name of the WebLogic Diagnostic Framework (WLDF) bean.

      Privileges Read only