Adding Animation Effects

You can use the ojModule binding’s animation property in conjunction with the ModuleAnimations namespace to configure animation effects when the user transitions between or drills into views.

The oj.ModuleAnimations namespace includes pre-configured implementations that you can use to configure the following animation effects:

  • coverStart: The new view slides in to cover the old view.

  • coverUp: The new view slides up to cover the old view.

  • drillIn: Animation effect is platform-dependent.

    • Web and iOS: coverStart

    • Android: coverUp

    • Windows: zoomIn

  • drillOut: Animation effect is platform-dependent.

    • Web and iOS: revealEnd

    • Android: revealDown

    • Windows: zoomOut

  • fade: The new view fades in and the old view fades out.

  • revealDown: The old view slides down to reveal the new view.

  • revealEnd: The new view slides left or right to reveal the new view, depending on the locale.

  • zoomIn: The new view zooms in.

  • zoomOut: The old view zooms out.

For examples that illustrate how to configure animation, see Animation Effects.