What’s New in This Guide for Release 3.2.0

For Oracle JET Release 3.2.0 this guide has been updated in several ways. The following table lists the sections that are new or changed since Oracle JET Release 3.1.0.

For changes made to Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) for this release, see the product Release Notes.

Chapter Link Changes Made

Chapter 5 Creating Single-Page Applications

Creating Single-Page Applications

Chapter updated to reflect change in default behavior of the SPA-ojModule-ojRouter sample application to use query parameters instead of path segments for routing.

Chapter 11 Working with Composite Components

Working with Oracle JET Composite Components

Chapter updated to show additional metadata tags. Adding Composite Components to Your Page updated to add a step to verify the composite component’s jetVersion before using it.

Appendix Oracle JET v3.2.0 Tooling Migration

Oracle JET v3.2.0 Tooling Migration

Topics renamed from v3.1.0 to v3.2.0 and Migrating a v3.0.0 Application to v3.2.0 steps updated to reflect new version.