Typical Workflow for Designing Responsive Applications in Oracle JET

The Oracle JET framework includes classes for creating responsive applications. After you create your application, you can fine tune your design using Oracle JET responsive JavaScript and helper classes.

To design responsive applications in Oracle JET, refer to the typical workflow described in the following table:

Task Description More Information

Understand Oracle JET's support for responsive design

Understand the Oracle JET flex layout, 12–column mobile-first grid, and form layout framework classes, and the responsive class naming conventions.

Oracle JET and Responsive Design

Media Queries

Oracle JET Flex, Grid, Form, and Responsive Helper Class Naming Convention

Oracle JET Flex Layouts

Oracle JET Grids

Responsive Layout and Content Design Patterns

Responsive Form Layouts

Create a responsive application using the Oracle JET responsive classes.

Add application, flex, grid, and form layout classes to your application.

Adding Responsive Design to Your Application

Fine tune your responsive design

Use responsive JavaScript, helper classes, and responsive CSS images to complete the responsive design. Change default font size across your application.

Using Responsive JavaScript

Using the Responsive Helper Classes

Creating Responsive Images

Changing Default Font Size