Typical Workflow for Creating Single-Page Applications in Oracle JET

Understand Oracle JET's framework support for designing single-page applications. Learn how to use Knockout.js templates, ojModule binding, and ojModule's life cycle listeners in your application.

To create a single-page application (SPA) in Oracle JET, refer to the typical workflow described in the following table:

Task Description More Information

Create a single-page Oracle JET application

Identify Oracle JET's framework support for single-page applications and how to use it to design your Oracle JET application.

Designing Single-Page Applications Using Oracle JET

Create view templates and viewModels

Identify the features and benefits of Knockout templates and the ojModule binding and how to use them in your Oracle JET application.

Using Knockout.js Templates and the ojModule Binding

Understand ojModule’s support for a ViewModel’s life cycle

Work with ojModule’s life cycle event listeners to perform tasks at specific points in a ViewModel’s life cycle.

Working with ojModule’s ViewModel Life Cycle