What's Included in Oracle JET

The Oracle JET zip distribution includes the Oracle JET framework and all third party libraries that the framework uses.

Specifically, Oracle JET includes the following files and libraries:

  • CSS and SCSS files for the Alta theme

  • Minified and debug versions of the Oracle JET libraries

  • Data Visualization Tools (DVT) CSS and JavaScript

  • Knockout and Knockout Mapping libraries

  • jQuery libraries

  • jQuery UI libraries (UI Core and only those modules needed by the Oracle JET framework)

    For details about what's included in jQuery UI Core, see http://jqueryui.com/download. For information about downloading jQuery UI components or effects not included in the Oracle JET distribution, see Adding jQuery UI Components or Effects to Your Oracle JET Application.

  • RequireJS, RequireJS text plugin, and RequireJS CSS plugin

  • js-signals

  • es6-promise polyfill

  • Hammer.js

    Oracle JET components use Hammer.js internally for gesture support. Do not add to Oracle JET components or their associated DOM nodes.

  • Oracle JET dnd-polyfill HTML5 drag and drop polyfill

  • proj4js library