Typical Workflow for Getting Started with Oracle JET Application Development

Become familiar with the third party tools that Oracle JET uses before you start developing Oracle JET applications. You may also need to install prerequisite packages, depending on whether you are creating your application from a .zip file or with the tooling framework.

To get started developing Oracle JET applications, refer to the typical workflow described in the following table. After you verify your prerequisites, you can choose to create a web or hybrid mobile application.

Task Description More Information

Verify prerequisites

Verify that you meet the prerequisite knowledge and choose a development environment. If you will be using the recommended tooling framework, install the prerequisite packages.

Prerequisites for Developing Applications with Oracle JET

Create a web application

Create a web application using the tooling framework, Starter Template, or base distribution. Alternatively, you can add the Oracle JET download to your existing JavaScript application and add the necessary links to your application’s main page.

Create a Web Application Using the Oracle JET Tooling Framework


Create a Web Application Using the Oracle JET Starter Templates


Create a Web Application Using the oraclejet.zip Download


Add Oracle JET to an Existing JavaScript Application

Create a hybrid mobile application

Install Cordova and optional Android, iOS, and Windows tools. Scaffold, build, and serve development versions of Android, iOS, and Windows hybrid mobile applications.

Getting Started with Oracle JET Hybrid Mobile Application Development