Typical Workflow for Theming an Oracle JET Application

The Oracle JET framework comprises CSS files and Sass files, variables, and tools. Understand themes included in Oracle JET and how to customize or specify an alternate theme using the tooling framework. Optionally, understand Oracle JET’s use of selectors and support for images.

To understand and customize the themes included in Oracle JET, refer to the typical workflow described in the following table:

Task Description More Information

Identify the CSS files included with Oracle JET

Identify the CSS files included for web, Android, iOS and Windows mobile development.

CSS Files Included With Oracle JET

Customize an Oracle JET application's theme

Use the tooling framework to customize or specify an alternate theme.

Customizing Themes Using the Tooling Framework

Understand Oracle JET’s Sass support

Identify the Sass files, variables and tools included in Oracle JET.

Sass Files, Variables, and Tools

Work with selectors

Understand Oracle JET’s use of selectors.

Oracle JET Selectors

Work with images

Understand Oracle JET’s framework support for images.

Working with Framework Images