Class: DataValueAttributeCube

Oracle® JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET)


oj. DataValueAttributeCube

  • 3.2.0
  • 1.1.0
oj.DataValueAttributeCube Creates an object used to convert rowset data into grouped "cubic" data


new DataValueAttributeCube(rowset, layout, dataValues)

Name Type Description
rowset Array An array of objects containing attribute/value pairs. The entire array or collection will be read to group its attributes according to information given by layout and dataValues
layout Array An array of objects containing two properties: axis - a number representing the number of the axis for of the levels; levels - a slowest-to-fastest varying ordered array of objects containing one or two properties: attribute - an attribute of the rowset objects or oj.Models to assign to this axis and level, or dataValue:true to indicate that this axis and level is the position of the data values
dataValues Array an array of objects containing these properties: attribute - the name of an attribute in the rowset representing data; (optional) label - a display label to use for this data attribute; (optional) aggregation - the oj.CubeAggType for this data value attribute (defaults to sum). If the type is 'CUSTOM' then a 'callback' property should be specified which is a function to call with each value. The function takes two arguments, the first being the running value for the cell being calculated, the second being the new value to be aggregated with that running value