What's New in This Guide for MAF Release 2.4.0

The following topics introduce the new and changed features of Oracle Mobile Application Development Framework (Oracle MAF) and other significant changes, which are described in this guide.

New and Changed Features for MAF Release 2.4.0

Oracle MAF Release 2.4.0 includes the following new and changed development features, which are described in this guide.

Other Significant Changes in this Document for MAF Release 2.4.0

This document has been updated in several ways for this release. Following are the sections that have been added or changed.

  • How to Configure Single Sign-On in a MAF Application revised to describe the configuration changes you need to implement in a Cordova plugin if want to use MCS single sign-on in a MAF application that you deploy to the Universal Windows Platform.

  • Content describing the Oracle Mobile Security Suite integration in MAF has been removed. Support for this integration was deprecated in MAF 2.3.3. Consider using AppConfig, described in Integrating MAF Applications with EMM Solutions, as an alternative solution.

  • Removed the Caching Data in a MAF Application chapter which described the transport level data caching that was deprecated in a previous release. We recommend that customers use the MAF client data model, described in Creating the Client Data Model in a MAF Application, to cache data. The Caching Data in a MAF Application chapter continues to be available in the documentation libraries for previous releases of MAF.