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Oracle® Enterprise Manager Configuration Change Console Installation Guide
10g Version for Windows or UNIX

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7 Overview of Configuration Change Console Agent

This chapter provides an overview of the Configuration Change Console agent.


The Configuration Change Console captures a broad data set directly from the IT infrastructure to support troubleshooting, change management, and compliance.

All data collection is performed by the Configuration Change Console Agent. Agents are installed and run on each server in the IT infrastructure that will be monitored and managed by the Configuration Change Console. The agent works with the operating system and security capabilities of the server to collect required data. Once collected, data is sent to a dedicated Configuration Change Console server for analysis and processing.

The agent runs as a service on Windows servers, as a daemon process on all UNIX platforms.

Data Collection

The collected data includes the following:

OS Change Events

OS Change events detect modifications made by people and applications to the IT environment. By recording these often small changes to files, processes, and users, the Configuration Change Console is able to reconstruct sequences of activities that have been carried out. Detected change events include:

Resource Utilization

The following sections provides a list of resource utilizations:


Archiving captures and stores copies of a specified object as the contents of the object change. Up to five versions of each object are saved. Versions can be compared to identify the specific changes made to the contents. You can specify how many instances of each file to save through the server user interface.

Server Configuration

Server configuration is collected and updated every 15 minutes. Past configurations are not saved. Server Configuration data points include:

Additional Data Collection Requirements

All data collection requires installation of the appropriate Configuration Change Console agent on the monitored server. Most data sets are collected using only the Configuration Change Console agent and standard server and operating system interfaces.

Some data sets require additional settings or software for some operating systems. Additional data collection requirements are as follows:

All data sets not listed here are collected by the standard Configuration Change Console agent.