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Class JavaClassNode

  extended by oracle.ide.model.Node
      extended by oracle.ide.model.TextNode
          extended by oracle.ide.model.DeployableTextNode
              extended by oracle.jdeveloper.model.JavaNode
                  extended by oracle.jdeveloper.model.JavaClassNode
All Implemented Interfaces:
Displayable, Element, LazyLoadable, Locatable, Subject, Dirtyable

public final class JavaClassNode
extends JavaNode

The JavaNode interface represents a Java class element in the JDeveloper browser. A JavaNode could be either a .class file or a .java file; however, JDeveloper normally represents a .java file with the JavaSourceNode, which extends JavaNode.

In addition to providing the usual Node features, a JavaNode provides access to both a code-level view (through the JOT subsystem) and a component view (through the CMT subsystem) of the Java class.

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Field Summary
static java.lang.String EXT
Fields inherited from class oracle.ide.model.DeployableTextNode
Fields inherited from class oracle.ide.model.Node
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected createReader( url)
          Fetch a Reader for reading the contents of this node from the given URL.
 boolean isReadOnly()
          Returns true if the Node is read-only.
protected  void saveImpl()
          Subclasses should override this method to customize the save() behavior.
Methods inherited from class oracle.jdeveloper.model.JavaNode
getIcon, setIcon
Methods inherited from class oracle.ide.model.TextNode
acquireTextBuffer, acquireTextBufferOrThrow, addTextBufferListener, closeImpl, createOutputStreamWriter, getInputStream, getInputStream, getLoadEncoding, getReader, getSaveEncoding, getTextBufferDirectly, hasEmptyTextBuffer, isDirty, markDirty, markDirtyImpl, openImpl, readUnlock, releaseTextBuffer, removeTextBufferListener, reportOpenException, revertImpl, setDefaultLineTerminator, setLoadEncoding, setSaveEncoding, tryAcquireTextBuffer, upgradeUnlock, urlReadOnlyChanged, writeUnlock
Methods inherited from class oracle.ide.model.Node
addNodeListener, addNodeListenerForType, addNodeListenerForTypeHierarchy, attach, beginThreadNodeUsageCycle, callUnderReadLock, callUnderWriteLock, close, createSubject, delete, deleteImpl, detach, endThreadNodeUsage, endThreadNodeUsageCycle, ensureOpen, equalsImpl, getAttributes, getChildren, getData, getLongLabel, getShortLabel, getSubject, getTimestamp, getTimestampLoadedUnsafe, getToolTipText, getTransientProperties, getUnmodifiedTimestamp, getURL, isLoaded, isMigrating, isNew, isOpen, isReadLocked, isReadOrWriteLocked, isTrackedInNodeCache, isWriteLocked, lockCount, mayHaveChildren, nodeLock, notifyObservers, open, readLock, readLockCount, refreshTimestamp, removeNodeListener, removeNodeListenerForType, removeNodeListenerForTypeHierarchy, rename, renameImpl, revert, runUnderReadLock, runUnderWriteLock, save, setEventLog, setMigrating, setOpen, setReadOnly, setTimestampDirectly, setURL, toString, tryRunUnderReadLock, unsetMigrating, upgradeLock, writeLock, writeLockCount
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String EXT
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Constructor Detail


public JavaClassNode()
Method Detail


protected createReader( url)
Description copied from class: TextNode
Fetch a Reader for reading the contents of this node from the given URL. Subclasses may override this if they have special requirements for creating the Reader.

createReader in class TextNode
url - the URL to fetch a Reader for
a Reader for loading the contents of this node from storage


protected void saveImpl()
Description copied from class: Node
Subclasses should override this method to customize the save() behavior. invokes this only if the node is dirty, under write lock. The Node implementation does nothing.

saveImpl in class TextNode


public boolean isReadOnly()
Description copied from class: TextNode
Returns true if the Node is read-only.

TextNode overrides to force the underlying buffer to be read only.

isReadOnly in class TextNode
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