Class DisconnectEvent

  extended by weblogic.common.DisconnectEvent

public final class DisconnectEvent
extends Object

Defines a DisconnectEvent that a T3Client can act upon by implementing the DisconnectListener interface.

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Method Summary
 String getReason()
          Gets the reason for the DisconnectEvent as a String.
 Object getSource()
          Gets the source for a DisconnectEvent.
 String toString()
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Method Detail


public Object getSource()
Gets the source for a DisconnectEvent. The source is the object generating the DisconnectEvent, in this case a T3Client.

Object generating the disconnect


public String getReason()
Gets the reason for the DisconnectEvent as a String. Reasons are often associated with the timeout property of the client, that is, whether a soft, hard, or idle disconnect timeout was initiated by the WebLogic Server. A client may also be disconnected by its request, in which case the reason will be "Normal user disconnect."

Reason for disconnect


public String toString()
toString in class Object

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