Interface ServerSessionPoolListener

public interface ServerSessionPoolListener

Listener interface for MessageListeners used by a ServerSessionPool.

Method Summary
 void initialize(Serializable userData)
          MessageListeners for a ServerSessionPool are instantiated by the ServerSessionPool (not the client).

Method Detail


void initialize(Serializable userData)
                throws JMSException
MessageListeners for a ServerSessionPool are instantiated by the ServerSessionPool (not the client). Client cannot pass parameters into the constructor and access them from the onMessage routine.

This interface allows clients to pass a single parameter to the MessageListener. Specifically, a client must call the createServerSessionPool method from their ServerSessionPoolFactory and pass in the clientData. The clientData must implement the Serializable interface.

Once the ServerSessionPool is created, it checks to see if the MessageListener is a ServerSessionPoolListener. If it is, then the ServerSessionPool calls the intialize method for the listener to pass in the clientData .

The client implementation of the initialize method typically saves a reference to the data for use by the onMessage method.

clientData - reference to clientData (can be null)
javax.jms.JMSException - if an error occurs.

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