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Transferring the Additive Schema, PRET, and Data Migration Files to the z/OS Host

Use the following procedure to transfer the schema DDL files and the PRET and data migration files generated by the Upgrade Wizard on the midtier up to Pause #1 to the z/OS host.

NOTE:  Before transferring the generated files to the z/OS host, edit them as required by relevant publications such as bulletins, alerts, and Siebel Release Notes on My Oracle Support.

To transfer the files generated on the midtier

  1. Navigate to the \DB2390\dbsrvr\dboutput\upgrade directory (Windows) or the /DB2390/dbsrvr/dboutput/upgrade directory (UNIX) and double-click the ftp_pause1.bat file (Windows) or issue the following command (UNIX):

    Ftp - i > ftp_pause1.bat

  2. Enter your TSO ID and password and press Enter.

    All the Pause #1 files are transferred from the midtier to the z/OS host.

  3. Review the ftp_pause1.log file which is created in the upgrade directory and verify that all the files listed in the ftp_pause1.txt file transferred successfully to z/OS staging data sets.
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