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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Idoc Script Reference Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E10726-01
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Enables notification of expiration (NOE) of content items. This provides email notification to authors and administrators for documents that will be expired in a short time.

Type and Usage




Takes the following optional parameters:

Parameter Description
NotificationQuery Specifies the query to be run to find the expired documents for the notification. The default is the following:
dOutDate > <$dateCurrent()$> <AND> dOutDate < <$dateCurrent(7)$>
NotificationMaximum Specifies the maximum number of documents returned from the query. Default: 1000.
NotifyExtras Denotes the administration users who receive the notification emails. If this entry is not used, the default is sysadmin. If left blank, no extra notification is sent.
NotifyTime The time of day to send the notification. Default: 00:01. Specified in 24-hour clock notation.
NotificationFieldNames Specifies the field names to include in the notification. Default: dDocAuthor, dOutDate, dDocTitle, dDocName, dDocType, dID, dInDate, dRevLabel, dSecurityGroup
NOEUsePlainTextEmail Allows the use of plain text email for the notification. Default: false. The email template is named QUERY_NOTIFICATION. If NOEUsePlainTextEmail=true, emailFormat=text.
NotificationIntervalInDays Specifies the interval in days. Default: 1.


Used as a configuration entry: