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Oracle® Fusion Middleware BPEL Component Guide for Content Server
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E16759-01
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2.1 Integration Instructions

There are currently two ways to set up a content server to be able to integrate with SOA:

The difference between the two scenarios is that the installation of SOA augments the class path for you, while in Scenario Two this is a manual step. In the future, UCM will ship with the appropriate SOA libraries.

2.1.1 Scenario One

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a new domain for SOA.

  2. Extend the SOA domain by BAM and EM.

  3. Extend the SOA by UCM.

You may want to check that setDomainEnv has been populated with SOA-specific libraries. In particular, check that soa-infra-mgmt.jar is mentioned in the class path.

2.1.2 Scenario Two

To update a UCM domain that has not been extended by SOA, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the soa directory from the oracle home for SOA to the oracle home for UCM.

    Locate the 11g SOA home directory for the SOA server you are connecting to via UCM. There should be a directory called 'soa.' Copy this directory to the UCM home directory and leave it in the top directory, that is, copy SOA_ORACLE_HOME/soa to UCM_ORACLE_HOME/soa.

  2. Augment the class path for the UCM domain by editing the setDomanEnv.cmd or file, depending on your OS.

    set POST_CLASSPATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\soa\modules\oracle.soa.mgmt_11.1.1\soa-infra-mgmt.jar;%POST_CLASSPATH%

2.1.3 Final Steps

The final step for both scenarios is enabling the BpelIngetration component and starting the servers.

If your SOA instance is running in a separate server than UCM, you may see the following security error: java.lang.SecurityException: [Security:090398]Invalid Subject: principals=[weblogic, Administrators]

If you encounter this error, you need to enable cross-domain security for both servers. Follow these instructions:

User will need to setup Trusted Domain on both WLS domain.
Goto WLS Console->Respected Domainssoainfra or bam ->Security
1. Make sure "Cross Domain Security Enabled"
2. Click on Save 
3. Expand Advanced part of setting 
4. Make sure you supplement the Credential and Confirm Credential fields. 
5. Click on Save 
Repeat for the same for the other WLS domain.
Finally, Restart both WLS Servers.