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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Information Rights Management Server

Part Number E12321-01
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2.3 Configuring a Fusion Middleware Application to Use Single Sign-On

Oracle Access Manager (OAM), part of Oracle's enterprise class suite of products for identity management and security, provides a wide range of identity administration and security functions, including several single sign-on options for Fusion Middleware and custom Fusion Middleware applications. OAM is the recommended single sign-on solution for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g installations.

If your enterprise uses Microsoft desktop logins that authenticate with a Microsoft domain controller with user accounts in Active Directory, then configuring SSO with Microsoft Clients may also be an option to consider.

The setup required for these SSO solutions is described in the following documents/sections:

Table 2-3 Single Sign-on Documentation

For Information On... See The Following Guide...

Configuring OAM

Oracle Fusion Middleware Security Guide: Chapter 10, Configuring Single Sign-On in Oracle Fusion Middleware

Using Windows Native Authentication for Single Sign-on

Oracle WebLogic Server Admin Console Help: Configure Authentication and Identify Assertion Providers