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Oracle® Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle Information Rights Management Desktop

Part Number E12278-01
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4.1 Opening Sealed Documents

This section covers the following topics:

4.1.1 About Opening Sealed Documents

Your rights (see "About Rights") determine whether you can open a sealed document, and what you are allowed to do with the document once it is open.

To open a document that has been sealed using Oracle IRM, you must have Oracle IRM Desktop installed on your computer.

4.1.2 Opening a Sealed Document in Windows Explorer


To open a sealed document, you need the Open right. See "About Rights".

Use one of the following procedures to open a document in Windows Explorer:

  • Double-click the document name.

  • Select the document name, then select Open from the File menu.

4.1.3 Opening a Sealed Document in a Microsoft Office Application


To open a sealed document, you need the Open right. See "About Rights".

If you have enabled Microsoft Office support (see "General Tab"), you can use the Oracle IRM Desktop toolbar to open a sealed document.

Use the following procedure to open a sealed document in a Microsoft Office application:

  1. Open the Microsoft Office application.

  2. On the Oracle IRM Desktop toolbar, click the Open Sealed button.

    This opens the Open Sealed dialog, which lists sealed documents of the type shown in the Files Of Type drop-down list.

  3. In the Files Of Type drop-down list, select the type of sealed file to open (for example, Sealed Word Document).

  4. In the files area, select the sealed file to open.

  5. Click Open.

You can also open sealed documents in the same way as other documents. For example, you can click the Open button in the Microsoft Word toolbar, and then select a sealed document from the familiar Open dialog. In this case, you can use the All Files option in the Files Of Type drop-down list to show any type of file, whether sealed or not.