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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for E-Business Suite Adapter for Oracle Enterprise Content Management
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E15865-01
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2.3 Uninstalling the Adapter

Follow the steps listed below to uninstall the adapter:

2.3.1 Uninstalling AXF from E-Business Suite

Follow these steps to uninstall AXF from E-Business Suite.

  1. Remove the AXF database schema and all associated data is removed.

    • Remove AXF_CUSTOM.* (AXF_CUSTOM.pll, AXF_CUSTOM.pld, and AXF_CUSTOM.plx) from FORMS_PATH (or FORMS60_PATH on E-Business Suite 11 systems).

    • Revert CUSTOM.PLD to a backed up version.

    • Restore and compile the original (backed up) AXF_CUSTOM.pll and AXF_CUSTOM.plx files.

  2. Execute the AXF_DROP_TABLES_SYNONYM script for your E-Business Suite version, from the applicable location listed below. This script drops all tables, synonyms, and sequences created by the AXF_CREATE_TABLES_SYNONYM script run during installation.

    E-Business Suite 12: AXF_INSTALL_DIR/ebs/R12/AXF_DROP_TABLES_SYNONYM.sql

    E-Business Suite 11: AXF_INSTALL_DIR/ebs/R11/AXF_DROP_TABLES_SYNONYM.sql

    Execute the script by entering: