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Oracle® Fail Safe Tutorial
Release 3.4.2 for Microsoft Windows

Part Number E14009-01
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1 Using This Tutorial

This chapter provides information that you must know before using this tutorial.

1.1 Intended Uses

This tutorial is designed to be used in one of the following ways:

This tutorial provides the basic steps for configuring resources to make them highly available; it does not provide detailed information on the concepts behind high availability. You may find it helpful to refer to the Oracle Fail Safe Concepts and Administration Guide while using this tutorial.

1.2 Cluster Setup

This tutorial is intended to be run on a two-node cluster.

1.3 Navigation

To navigate through the HTML version of the tutorial, use the left arrow and the right arrow to go through each lesson sequentially. You can return to the Table of Contents at any time by clicking the Contents link. You can access the rest of the Oracle Fail Safe documentation set by clicking the Product link.

1.4 Terminology

The following terminologies are frequently used in this tutorial: