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Account Ledger table (F0911), B.3.4, B.3.6, B.3.8
accounting rules, 3.7
Accounts Payable Entry program (P0411SV), 5.6.3
activity rules
setting up, 3.4.3
work orders, 2.1.3
adding text to a work order, 4.2.3
Address Parent/Child Revisions form, 3.4.4
approval routes,, 3.4.4
activity rules,
setting up, 3.4
work orders, 2.1.2, 5.3.1
profile setup, 3.4.6


Business Interface Integration Objects, 1.4


category codes, 4.2.2
change component is work order mass update, 6.1
charges by work order, 5.6.5
charges to work orders, 5.6.3
configured items in work order mass update, 6.1
copy parent work orders, 4.3
cost charges
adding to work orders, 5.6.3
overview, 5.6.1
reviewing by job or business unit, 5.6.4
reviewing by work order, 5.6.5
reviewing cost charges by work order,
speed code entry, 5.6.3
Cost Detail program (P48211), 5.6.5
Create Equipment Work Orders (Tablet), 1.1.1
creating work orders, 4.1


Data Type Revisions form, 3.6.3
deactivating work orders,
Debit-Labor/Billing/Equipment program (P069043), 3.7
default managers and supervisors, 3.3.1
Default Supervisor and Manager form, 3.3.4
Defining approval routes form, 3.4.4
defining work orders, 4.2
deleting work orders, 4.1
Detail Spec. Over Titles program (P4802), 3.5.3
Detailed Task Description program (R48492), B.3.1
Distribution List Control (P02150), 3.4.5


Enter Generic Message/Rates form, 3.2.4, 3.2.4
Enter Work Orders form,
entering work order information, 4.2.2
entitlement checking in work order mass update, 6.1


F0911 table, B.3.4
F4801 table, B.3.4
features, 2.1


Generic Message/Rates Records program (P00191)
processing options, 3.2.3
usage, 3.2.1
Group Revisions program (P02150),


Inquiry by Data Type program (P480210)
processing options, 4.2.8
reviewing, 4.2.7
Integration, 1.4


Manage My Service Orders (Tablet and Smartphone), 1.1.1
Manage My Work Orders (Tablet and Smartphone), 1.1.1
managers and supervisors
defining defaults, 3.3.4
setting up defaults, 3.3.1
messages, 3.2.1
Mobile Applications for Managing Work Orders, 1.1.1


Order Type (48/OT), 6.1
system integration, 1.2
system setup, 3.1
work order features, 2.1
work orders, 1.1


P0004A program, 3.1
P00091 program, 3.6, 3.6.3
P00092 program, 4.2.5
P00191 program, 3.2.1
P0092 program, 3.4.6
P02150 program,
P0411SV program, 5.6.3
P069043 program, 3.7
P48015 program, 4.4.1
P4802 program, 3.5.3
P480200 program, 4.2.9
P480210 program, 4.2.7, 4.2.8
P48201 program, 4.2.2, 4.2.4, 4.3, 5.2
P48210 program, 5.6.4
P48211 program, 5.6.5, 5.6.6
P4826 program, 3.4.3, 3.4.3, 3.4.3
parent work orders, 4.3
Print Cost Summary Report program (R48497)
processing options, B.3.7
usage, B.3.6
Print Work Order Cost Detail program (R48498), B.3.8
Print Work Order Cost Detail program (R49498), B.3.9
Cost Summary report, B.3.6
Detailed task description report, B.3.1
multiple work orders, B.1
project status summary report, B.3.2
Work Order Cost Detail report, B.3.8
Work Order Summary Print report, B.3.4
work orders, 5.5
printing a single work order, 5.5.2
Process Task Monitor form, 5.3.1
project setup and tracking, 2.1.4
Project Setup program (P48015)
processing options, 4.4.4
usage, 4.4.1
Project Status Summary program (R48495)
printing, B.3.2
processing options, B.3.3
creating project work orders, 4.4.3
creating work orders, 4.4.1
setup, 4.4.1
purging work orders, 7.2.1


R17714 program, 5.5.2
R48415 program, B.1
R48492 program, B.3.1
R48495 program, B.3.2
R48496 program, B.3.4
R48497 program, B.3.6
R48498 program, B.3.8
R49498 program, B.3.9
record type descriptions, 4.2.3
record type formats, 3.5
Record Type Revisions form, 3.5.3
Reject Status form, 3.4.3
review charges by job or business unit, 5.6.4
revising work orders, 5.4


Scheduling Workbench program (P48201)
approving work orders, 5.3.1, 5.3.1
locating work orders, 5.2
printing a single work order, 5.5.2
system integration, 5.2.2
usage, 4.2.2, 4.3
set up record types, 3.5
set up supplemental data, 3.6
speed code entry
adding charges to work orders, 5.6.3
standard procedures, 3.2.1
supervisors and managers, 3.3.1
supplemental data
adding, 4.2.5
reviewing by type, 4.2.7
reviewing by work order, 4.2.9
setting up, 3.6
Supplemental Data program (P00092)
adding, 4.2.5
processing options, 4.2.6
Supplemental Data Setup program (P00091), 3.6, 3.6.3
system integration, 1.2
system setup
overview, 3.1
work orders, 1.1


tables, 2.2


Update Phase/Equip No. in G/L program, 7.1.1
user defined codes
databases, 3.1.7
setup, 3.1
work order category codes, 3.1.5
work order detail specifications, 3.1.6
work order priority, 3.1.2
work order status, 3.1.3
work order type, 3.1.1
User Defined Codes program (P0004A), 3.1
user profiles,, 3.4.6
User Profiles program (P0092), 3.4.6


work center, 5.3.1
work order activity rules, 3.4.3
Work Order Activity Rules form, 3.4.3
Work order Activity Rules program (P4826), 3.4.3
Work Order Activity Rules program (P4826), 3.4.3, 3.4.3
work order charges, 5.6.1
Work Order Cost by Job program (P48210), 5.6.4
Work Order Cost program (P48211), 5.6.6
work order creation overview, 4.1
work order cross-system functionality,
Work Order Data Revisions form, 4.2.7
Work Order Data Revisions program (P480210), 4.2.7
work order life cycle
assigning category codes, 4.2.2
entering work order information, 4.2.2
overview, 5.1
printing work orders, B.1
project setup, 4.4.1
work order mass update
change component, 6.1
configured items, 6.1
disallowed actions, 6.1
entitlement checking, 6.1
Order Type (48/OT), 6.1
overview, 6.1
work order types, 6.1
Work Order Master table (F4801), B.3.4, B.3.6, B.3.8
Work Order Print program (R17714), 5.5.2
Work Order Print program (R48415), B.1
work order processing overview, 5.1
work order reports, B.1
Work Order Summary Print program (R48496)
processing options, B.3.5
usage, B.3.4
work orders
accounting rules setup, 3.7
activity rules, 2.1.3
adding cost charges, 5.6.3
adding supplemental data, 4.2.5, 4.2.5
approvals, 2.1.2, 3.4, 5.3.1
approvals activity rules,
approver profile setup, 3.4.6
copying parent work orders, 4.3
creating, 4.1
creating for a project, 4.4.1
defining, 4.2
defining standard procedures, 3.2.4
deleting, 4.1
entering information, 4.2.2
entering record type descriptions, 4.2.3
features, 2.1
implementation, 1.3
integrations, 1.2
life cycle, 5.1
locating, 5.2
messages, 3.2.1
overview, 1.1
printing, 5.5
printing a single work order, 5.5.2
printing multiple, B.1
project setup and tracking, 2.1.4
projects, 4.4.3
purging, 7.2.1
reviewing approval history, 5.3.1
reviewing charges by job or business unit, 5.6.4
reviewing charges by work order, 5.6.5
reviewing for approval, 5.3.1
reviewing supplemental data by type, 4.2.7
revising, 5.4
setting up approval routes,
setting up user-defined codes, 3.1
supplemental data by work order, 4.2.9
tables and descriptions, 2.2
update phase and equipment numbers, 7.1.1
work order processing, 5.1
workflow, 8.1
working with cost charges, 5.6.1
working with work orders, 5.1
Work With Supplemental Data form, 4.2.5, 4.2.9
Work With Supplemental Data program (P480200)
processing options, 4.2.10
reviewing, 4.2.9
Work With Work Order Cost form, 5.6.4
Work With Work Order Record Types form, 4.2.3
Work With Work Orders program (P48201), 4.2.4
workflow for work orders, 8.1
workflow management, 8.1
workflow processes, 8.2