4.2.1 Getting, Installing, and Setting Up MySQL Cluster Connector for Java

This section discusses how to obtain MySQL Cluster Connector for Java sources, binaries, compiling, installing, getting started.

Obtaining MySQL Cluster Connector for Java.  You can obtain the most recent NDB Cluster release incorporating MySQL Cluster Connector for Java from downloads.mysql.com.

Building and installing MySQL Cluster Connector for Java from source.  You can build and install ClusterJ, ClusterJPA, or both as part of building and installing NDB Cluster, which always requires you to configure the build using a --with-plugins option that causes NDB support to be included, such as --with-plugins=ndbcluster or --with-plugins=max. Other relevant plugin names that can be used with this option include the following:

In addition, you should use the following two configure options when configuring a build to include ClusterJ, ClusterJPA, or both:

A typical configuration step in building NDB Cluster with support for both ClusterJ and ClusterJPA might look like this:

shell> ./configure --with-plugins=ndbcluster,clusterj,openjpa \
  --with-extra-charsets=all  \
  --with-classpath=path/to/openjpa/libs \

path/to/openjpa/libs must include the following:


Not all available options for configuring an NDB Cluster build are shown in this section. For information about other options that can be used, see Installing MySQL Using a Development Source Tree, or consult the output of configure --help.

After configuring the build, run make and make install as you normally would to compile and install the NDB Cluster software. Following installation, the MySQL Cluster Connector for Java jar files can be found in share/mysql/java under the MySQL installation directory (by default, this is /usr/local/mysql/share/mysql/java).

You can also use the included file storage/ndb/clusterj/pom.xml for building ClusterJ with Maven. Setting up your build environment to use Maven requires that you run mvn install in the clusterj directory. Assuming that you are already in the root directory of the NDB Cluster source tree, you can accomplish this by performing in your shell the steps shown here:

cd storage/ndb/clusterj
mvn install

This causes ClusterJ—including the clusterj-jpa plugin—to be built, with the resulting .jar files installed in the local repository.

MySQL Cluster Connector for Java jar files.  After building and installing NDB Cluster with MySQL Cluster Connector for Java, you should find the following JAR files that are needed for using ClusterJ and ClusterJPA in share/mysql/java/ under the NDB Cluster installation directory: