3.3 Manage Server Connections

3.3.1 Standard TCP/IP Connection Method
3.3.2 Local Socket/Pipe Connection Method
3.3.3 Standard TCP/IP over SSH Connection Method
3.3.4 System Profile
3.3.5 Configure Server Management Wizard
3.3.6 The Password Storage Vault

The Manage Server Connections dialog is another way to manage MySQL connections. This dialog is invoked by either selecting Edit Connection or selecting Database, Manage Connections from the main menu. It can also be invoked from any of the wizards requiring access to a live database.

After the MySQL connection manager is launched, you are presented with the following dialog, with the Connection tab open:

Figure 3.3 Manage Server Connections: Connection Tab

Manage Server Connections: Connection Tab


The Test Connection button will test the selected MySQL connection, and report the connection status.

For testing remote connections, you might also use ping to check the hostname, or telnet to also check the port. If these fail, then also check the firewall settings on each host, and also that MySQL server is running on the remote host.