Chapter 3 MySQL Connections

Table of Contents

3.1 MySQL Connections Home
3.2 Creating A New MySQL Connection
3.3 Manage Server Connections
3.3.1 Standard TCP/IP Connection Method
3.3.2 Local Socket/Pipe Connection Method
3.3.3 Standard TCP/IP over SSH Connection Method
3.3.4 System Profile
3.3.5 Configure Server Management Wizard
3.3.6 The Password Storage Vault
3.4 MySQL Connection Management Navigator
3.4.1 Navigator MANAGEMENT Actions
3.4.2 Navigator INSTANCE Actions
3.4.3 Navigator PERFORMANCE Actions
3.4.4 Navigator MYSQL ENTERPRISE Actions

To administer your MySQL Server, you must first create a MySQL connection. These connections are listed on the MySQL Workbench Home page, and creating a MySQL connection is often the first action performed after installing MySQL Workbench.