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Oracle Payments Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13416-05
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Oracle Payments Implementation Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Payments
General Features
Funds Disbursement Features
Funds Capture Features

Planning Your Implementation

Shared Planning
      What are Your Security Needs?
      Do You Want to Use Funds Capture or Funds Disbursement Functionality?
      Which Payment System do You Want to Use?
      What Source Products are You Using?
      What Formats do You Need to Support?
      Does Your Application Need to Present Information in Different Languages?
Funds Capture Planning
      How do You Need to Organize Your Settlement Batches?
      What Credit Card Brands do You Want to Support?
      Which APIs do You Need to Use for Funds Capture?
      Which Bank Account Transfer Operations do You Want to Implement for Funds Capture?
      Which Risk Factors do You Want to Implement?
Funds Disbursement Planning
      What Disbursement Payment Methods do You Want to Support?

Understanding Oracle Payments

Functionality Common to Both Funds Capture and Funds Disbursement
      Understanding Access Control
      Understanding Oracle Payments APIs
      Understanding Oracle Payments Servlets
      Understanding Transmission
      Understanding Oracle Payments Security
Understanding Funds Capture
      Understanding Funds Capture Process Profile
      Understanding Payment Methods (Funds Capture)
      Understanding Payees
      Integration with Other Oracle Applications
      Understanding Credit Card Transactions
      Understanding Purchase Cards
      Understanding PINless Debit Card Transactions
      Understanding Funds Capture Bank Account Transfers
      Understanding Gateway-Model and Processor-Model Payment Systems
      Understanding Terminal-Based and Host-Based Merchants
      Understanding Offline and Online Payments
      Understanding Risk Management
      Risk Factors Shipped with Oracle Payments
      Oracle Payments Routing and Operation
      Routing Rule Conditions
      Understanding Transaction Reporting
Understanding Funds Disbursement
      Understanding Documents Payable
      Understanding Payments
      Understanding Payment Methods (Funds Disbursement)
      Understanding Payment Process Profiles
      Understanding Payment Process Requests
      Understanding Payment Grouping
      Understanding Payment Instructions
      Understanding Validations

Shared Setup Tasks for Funds Capture and Funds Disbursement

Step 1. Creating Oracle Payments Users
Step 2. Setting Up System Security Options
Step 3. Setting Up Oracle XML Publisher Templates
Step 4. Setting Up Formats
Step 5. Setting Up Validations
Step 6. Setting Up Transmission Configurations
Step 7. Configuring Tunneling
Step 8. Setting Up Payment Systems
Step 9. Configuring Oracle Payments Sample Servlet
Step 10. Setting Up SSL Security for Payment System Servlet Communication
Step 11. Configuring the XML Framework

Setup Tasks for Funds Disbursement

Step 12. Setting Up Funds Disbursement Payment Methods
Step 13. Setting Up Payment Method Defaulting Rules
Step 14. Setting Up Bank Instruction Codes
Step 15. Setting Up Delivery Channel Codes
Step 16. Setting Up Payment Reason Codes
Step 17. Setting Up Payment Process Profiles
Step 18. Setting Up Disbursement System Options

Setup Tasks for Funds Capture

Step 19. Configuring the ECApp Servlet
Step 20. Setting Up Funds Capture Payment Methods
Step 21. Setting Up Funds Capture Process Profiles
Step 22. Setting Up First Party Payees
Step 23. Setting Up Credit Card Brands
Step 24. Loading Risky Instruments

Transaction Testing

Testing Transactions

Using Oracle Payments with External Payment Systems

Overview of Payment System Integration
Payment System Integration Components
Developing a Custom Payment System Integration for Funds Capture
Developing a Custom Payment System Integration for Funds Disbursement
Defining a Payment System
Account Options
Extract Generator
Extract Formatter
Transmission Functions
Acknowledgment Parser
Creating Custom Disbursement Validation Sets
Creating Custom Funds Capture Validation Sets

Payment Formats

Viewing Payment Formats
Common Disbursement Payment Formats
New Zealand
US Federal


Other Validations
Country-Specific Validations

Transmission Protocol Parameters

Transmission Protocol Parameters

Risk Management

Using Risk Management
Risk Management Test Scenarios

Funds Capture Error Codes

Error Handling During Payment Processing

Integrating with Oracle Payments Using Public Funds Capture APIs

Overview of Oracle Payments APIs
Implementing Electronic Commerce Applications APIs
Payment Instrument Registration APIs
Payment Processing APIs
Risk Management APIs
Credit Card Validation APIs
Status Update API
Java APIs for Electronic Commerce Application
PL/SQL APIs for Electronic Commerce Applications
Security Considerations

Oracle Payments Back-End APIs for Gateways

Integrating with Non-Oracle Applications

Profile Options

Profile Options
Oracle Payments Profile Options


Search Pages

Funds Capture Extract

Extract Structure
Extract Components
Funds Capture Extract
Common Elements

Funds Disbursement Extract

Extract Structure Overview
Payment Instruction Level Elements
Payment Level Elements
Document Payable Level Elements
Document Line Level Elements
Common Elements