Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Grid Engine Provisioning and Monitoring Guide

Seeing Detailed Job Information

You can see complete details about a job by selecting the job ID on any of the job views tabs. The Job Details page that appears presents this information in three tables: General, Usage Details, and Schedule Details.

The General table provides details including various properties related to the jobs environment, resource requests, submit options, and so forth.

Figure 5–4 Job Details Page

This page shows you the complete
details for a particular job.

The Usage Details table shows the current resource utilization for that job. If this information is not available, for example, because the job started too recently or the job is still pending, then this table is empty. For jobs with multiple tasks, the usage of each task appears on a separate line.

The Schedule Details table shows the scheduling information for that job.

Most of the fields on this page are self-explanatory. For more information, see the qstat man page.