Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Grid Engine Provisioning and Monitoring Guide

Checking a Job's State

Use the Jobs Overview tab as a quick way to check a job's State and see some of the factors that might affect its performance. Clicking a job ID displays a Job Details page that provides very detailed information.

Figure 5–1 Jobs Overview Tab

This tab shows you an overview of
all grid jobs.

The fields on the Job Overview tab include:

The Job User, Project, and Department are elements that you can use in an Entitlement policy (also known as a Ticket policy) to affect a job's dispatch priority. For example, jobs from one Department can always be entitled to have a higher dispatch priority than those from another Department.

Dispatch Priority is computed from three top-level scheduling policies: Entitlement, Urgency, and Custom (also known as POSIX) . For more detailed information on N1GE scheduling policies and dispatch priority, see the sge_priority man page and Scheduler Policies for Job Prioritization in the Sun N1 Grid Engine 6 System (