Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Grid Engine Provisioning and Monitoring Guide

Checking Grid Resources

Use the Job Utilization View tab to display information that is relevant to a job's consumption of a grid computing resources as well as other elements that factor into a job's dispatch priority. Unlike the Overview view, only running and suspended jobs appear. In the Utilization view, the columns are as follows:

Figure 5–2 Job Utilization View Tab

This tab shows you the job utilization

Note –

If the CPU usage or memory usage values are blank, the usage information for that job has not yet been reported. Check back at a later time to see if the usage is then reported.

For more information on the meaning of each column, see the QMON man page.

Normalized Priorities

The normalized ticket, urgency, and POSIX priorities are the three top level policies used by the N1GE Scheduler to determine a job's dispatch priority. Each calculate a factor that contributes to the overall priority. In order for these three policy contributions to be added together in a meaningful way, they are each normalized to a number between 0 and 1.