Sun N1 System Manager 1.3 Grid Engine Provisioning and Monitoring Guide

ProcedureTo Create an N1GE Version

Before You Begin

Once you have the N1GE tar files available on your management server, you can use them to create an N1SM N1GE version.

  1. Access the N1SM CLI (see Accessing the N1SM CLI).

  2. You create versions of N1 Grid Engine software using the create application command. The syntax for this command is:

    create application application file [file, file...] type GridEngine

    A unique name for the N1GE version. For example, N1GE6_U4


    A fully qualified path to the N1GE file to be copied. You can specify *.tar.gz installation files for the N1GE application, and each N1GE application requires the n1ge-6_0u4–common.tar.gz file.


    The type of application; in this case, GridEngine.

    Note –

    Unlike the behavior for OS profiles, a default application profile is not automatically created when you copy an N1GE to the N1 System Manager. You must create this profile yourself using the create applicationprofile command.

Example 2–1 Create an N1 Grid Engine Version

If your grid consists of Solaris 9 SPARC hosts , then you must include in the version these files:

N1-ok>create application N1GE6_U4 file Solaris_sparc/tar/n1ge-6_0u4-bin-solaris.tar.gz,n1ge-6_0u4–n1ge-6_0u4–common.tar.gz type GridEngine