Contents: Presto manual

    Presto manual
    Presto manual
      How to Use This Book
      What Typographic Changes and Symbols Mean
      Notes, Cautions, and Warnings
    1 : Introduction and Installation of Sun Prestoserve
      Task Map
      Hardware Description
      Electrostatic Discharge Precautions
      EMI Compliance
      Hardware Installation
      Identifying the UNIX Version of Your Operating System
    2 : Installing the Prestoserve SunOS 4.x Software
      Space Requirements
      Mounting the CD-ROM
      Using the Installation Script
      Booting the System with the New Kernel
      Files Created During Installation
      Removing the Prestoserve Software
    3 : Installing the Prestoserve Solaris 2.x Software
      Space Requirements
      Installing with the Software Manager
      Using the Installation Script
      Removing the Prestoserve Software
      Files Created During Installation
    4 : Normal Operation
      Using the presto Command
      Handling the Prestoserve Card
      Changing Server Configuration
    5 : Abnormal Operations
      Unclean Shutdowns
      Disk Error Handling
    A : Prestoserve Installation Options
      Special Uses of the Installation Script
      Description of Installation Script for SunOS 4.x and Solaris 1.0
      Configuring a Non-standard Disk Controller (SunOS 4.x Only)
    B : Theory of Operation
      Sun Prestoserve Buffer Management
      Sun Prestoserve States
    C : Using Prestoserve Sundiag
      Hardware and Software Requirements
      Sundiag Files
      Prestoserve Sundiag Tests
      The SunDiag Interface
      Starting Sundiag
      Changing the Test Name
    D : Error Messages
      Known Abnormal Error Conditions for SunOS 4.x
      Known Error Conditions for Solaris 2.x
    Revision History
    Presto manual
    Presto manual