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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Oracle Reports User's Guide to Building Reports
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number B32122-01
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1 Basic Concepts

2 Advanced Concepts

3 Visual Index

4 How To...

Part I Building Basic Reports

5 Building a Tabular Report

6 Building a Mailing Label Report

7 Building a Form Letter Report

8 Building a Master/Master Report

9 Building a Summary Report

Part II Building Group Reports

10 Building a Single-Query Group Report

11 Building a Two-Query Group Report

12 Building an Across Group Report

13 Building a Group Left Summary Report

14 Building a Group Left Formula Report

Part III Building Reports with Special Formatting

15 Building a Wrapped Field Report

16 Building a Header and Footer Report

17 Building a Header with Database Values Report

18 Building a Report with Graphics, Text, and Color

19 Building a Report that Renumbers Pages by Repeating Frame

20 Building an Intermixed Fields Report

21 Building a Report that Suppresses Labels

22 Building a Report with Conditional Highlighting

23 Building a Conditional Form Letter Report

24 Building a Report with Dynamic Graphics

Part IV Building Matrix Reports

25 Building a Matrix Report

26 Building a Nested Matrix Report

27 Building a Matrix with Group Above Report

Part V Building Reports for Business Cases

28 Building a Time Series Calculations Report

29 Building a Report for Enhanced Spreadsheet Output

30 Building a Report with Aggregate Data

31 Building a Check Printing Report with Spelled-Out Cash Amounts

32 Building a Report Using a Preprinted Form

33 Building an Invoice Report

34 Building a Ranking Report

35 Building a Paper Report with a Simple Table of Contents and Index

36 Building a Paper Report with a Multilevel Table of Contents

37 Bursting and Distributing a Report

38 Building a Report with Multibyte Characters for PDF Output

Part VI Building Reports with PL/SQL and Java

39 Building a Report with Graphs

40 Building a Report that Includes PL/SQL

41 Building a Paper Report with REF CURSORs

42 Building a Simple Parameter Form for a JSP-based Web Report

43 Building a Report with a Barcode

44 Building an Accessible JSP-based Web Report

Part VII Building Reports with Pluggable Data Sources

45 Building a Report with an XML Pluggable Data Source

46 Building a Report with a Text Pluggable Data Source

A Tool Palette and Toolbar Reference