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Oracle® WebCenter Content Developer's Guide for Content Server
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E10807-04
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A Troubleshooting

This appendix describes how to use troubleshooting aids to resolve problems with customizing Oracle WebCenter Content Server.

This appendix includes the following sections:

A.1 About Troubleshooting Aids

Several troubleshooting aids are available to help evaluate Content Server pages as they are used.

A.2 Viewing Server Errors

Syntax errors and other mistakes in component files or dynamic server pages can cause errors in Content Server. If the Content Server instance fails, it reports the error in the following locations:

A.3 Viewing Page Data

The IsJava setting displays the local data of a Content Server web page.

The IsPageDebug setting displays a tree structure view of all includes being called on a Content Server web page. The debug trace appears at the bottom of the web page.

For more information about IsJava and IsPageDebug, see the Oracle WebCenter Content Idoc Script Reference Guide.

A.4 Monitoring Resource Loading

Three configuration settings enable you to view the loading of resources when you run Content Server from a command line. Set any of these variables equal to 1 in the IntradocDir/config/config.cfg file:

For more information about these configuration setting, see the Oracle WebCenter Content Idoc Script Reference Guide.