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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Data Synchronization Server
11g Release 2 (

Part Number E24630-03
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Part I Introduction

1 Introduction to Oracle Business Data Synchronization Server

2 Understanding the BDSS Architecture

3 Installing the BDSS Components

Part II Basic Administration

4 Getting Started with Administering BDSS

5 Configuring the BDSS Hub Services

6 Configuring the BDSS Connector for Microsoft Exchange 2007

7 Configuring Security for BDSS

8 Mapping Connector Fields to Hub Fields

9 Synchronizing the Calendar Domain

Part III Appendixes

A BDSS Configuration Operations

B Configuring the BPEL Task Connector

C Tables in the BDSS Data Stores

D Connector API

E Custom Field XSLTs and XSDs

F Troubleshooting BDSS