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Oracle® Audit Vault and Database Firewall Auditor's Guide
Release 12.1.2

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1 Introducing Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall

2 Managing Secured Targets

3 Managing Access and Other Settings

4 Creating Database Firewall Policies

5 Creating Audit Policies for Oracle Databases

6 Generating Reports

7 Managing Entitlements

8 Creating Alerts

A Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall Database Schemas

B Audit Record Fields

C Oracle Database Audit Events

D Sybase ASE Audit Events

E Microsoft SQL Server Audit Events

F IBM DB2 Audit Events

G MySQL Audit Events

H Solaris Operating System Audit Events

I Microsoft Windows Operating System Audit Events

J Linux Operating System Audit Events

K Oracle ACFS Audit Events

L Active Directory Audit Events