5.1 About the Btrfs File System

The btrfs file system is designed to meet the expanding scalability requirements of large storage subsystems. As the btrfs file system uses B-trees in its implementation, its name derives from the name of those data structures, although it is not a true acronym. A B-tree is a tree-like data structure that enables file systems and databases to efficiently access and update large blocks of data no matter how large the tree grows.

The btrfs file system provides the following important features:

Starting with Oracle Linux 6 Update 3, the UEK Boot ISO (which boots the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel as the installation kernel) allows you to configure a btrfs root file system. Prior to Oracle Linux 6 Update 3, you could not create a btrfs root file system during installation. For more information, see Section 5.12, “Installing a Btrfs root File System”.

With UEK R3, btrfs supports the following additional features: