Chapter 8 Control Groups

Table of Contents

8.1 About cgroups
8.2 Subsystems
8.2.1 blkio Parameters
8.2.2 cpu Parameters
8.2.3 cpuacct Parameters
8.2.4 cpuset Parameters
8.2.5 devices Parameters
8.2.6 freezer Parameter
8.2.7 memory Parameters
8.2.8 net_cls Parameter
8.3 Enabling the cgconfig Service
8.4 Enabling PAM to Work with cgroup Rules
8.5 Restarting the cgconfig Service
8.6 About the cgroups Configuration File
8.7 About the cgroup Rules Configuration File
8.8 Displaying and Setting Subsystem Parameters
8.9 Use Cases for cgroups
8.9.1 Pinning Processes to CPU Cores
8.9.2 Controlling CPU and Memory Usage
8.9.3 Restricting Access to Devices
8.9.4 Throttling I/O Bandwidth
8.10 For More Information About cgroups

This chapter describes how to use Control Groups (cgroups) to manage the resource utilization of sets of processes.