Chapter 7 Oracle Cluster File System Version 2

Table of Contents

7.1 About OCFS2
7.2 Installing and Configuring OCFS2
7.2.1 Preparing a Cluster for OCFS2
7.2.2 Configuring the Firewall
7.2.3 Configuring the Cluster Software
7.2.4 Creating the Configuration File for the Cluster Stack
7.2.5 Configuring the Cluster Stack
7.2.6 Configuring the Kernel for Cluster Operation
7.2.7 Starting and Stopping the Cluster Stack
7.2.8 Creating OCFS2 volumes
7.2.9 Mounting OCFS2 Volumes
7.2.10 Querying and Changing Volume Parameters
7.3 Troubleshooting OCFS2
7.3.1 Recommended Tools for Debugging
7.3.2 Mounting the debugfs File System
7.3.3 Configuring OCFS2 Tracing
7.3.4 Debugging File System Locks
7.3.5 Configuring the Behavior of Fenced Nodes
7.4 Use Cases for OCFS2
7.4.1 Load Balancing
7.4.2 Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC)
7.4.3 Oracle Databases
7.5 For More Information About OCFS2

This chapter describes how to configure and use the Oracle Cluster File System Version 2 (OCFS2) file system.