Chapter 2 Yum

Table of Contents

2.1 About Yum
2.2 Yum Configuration
2.2.1 Configuring Use of a Proxy Server
2.2.2 Yum Repository Configuration
2.3 Downloading the Oracle Public Yum Repository Files
2.4 Using Yum from the Command Line
2.5 Yum Groups
2.6 Installing and Using the Yum Security Plugin
2.7 Switching CentOS or Scientific Linux Systems to Use the Oracle Public Yum Server
2.8 Creating and Using a Local ULN Mirror
2.8.1 Prerequisites for the Local ULN Mirror
2.8.2 Setting up a Local ULN Mirror
2.8.3 ULN Mirror Configuration
2.8.4 Updating the Repositories on a Local ULN Mirror
2.8.5 Configuring yum on a Local ULN Mirror
2.8.6 Configuring Oracle Linux Yum Clients of a Local ULN Mirror
2.9 Creating a Local Yum Repository Using an ISO Image
2.10 Setting up a Local Yum Server Using an ISO Image
2.11 For More Information About Yum

This chapter describes how you can use the yum utility to install and upgrade software packages.