Spacewalk 2.0 for Oracle® Linux 6

Release Notes

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May 2015

About this document

This document contains information about the Spacewalk 2.0 release available from Oracle. It describes the differences from the upstream version, includes notes on installing and configuring Spacewalk, and provides a statement of what is supported.

Document generated on: 2015-05-18 (revision: 2891)

Table of Contents

1 Release Notes
1.1 About Spacewalk 2.0 for Oracle Linux 6
1.2 Installing and Configuring a Spacewalk Server
1.2.1 Oracle Linux Requirements
1.2.2 Database Requirements
1.2.3 Storage Requirements
1.2.4 Network Requirements
1.2.5 Setting up a Spacewalk Server
1.2.6 Configuring Software Channels Using Public Yum
1.2.7 Configuring Software Channels Using ULN
1.2.8 Synchronizing Software Channels
1.2.9 Creating Activation Keys for Spacewalk Clients
1.3 Installing the Spacewalk Client and Registering Servers
1.4 Known Issues
1.4.1 Spacewalk Fails to Install Due to slf4j Package
1.4.2 Tomcat Fails to Start After Spacewalk Configuration
1.4.3 Spacewalk Client Fails to Install on Oracle Linux 5
1.4.4 Oracle Linux 5 Does Not Register with Spacewalk after Kickstart Installation
1.4.5 PXE Booting Fails Due to Incorrect Host Name Configuration
1.4.6 Memory Issues With Large Repositories or Data Sets
1.4.7 Client Registration Issues
1.5 Spacewalk Documentation