Create, deploy, and maintain search indexes for all of your PeopleSoft applications

Search Engine Support

PeopleTools 8.56: Elasticsearch will be the only Search engine supported.

PeopleTools 8.55: Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) will be supported for 18 months after Elasticsearch is generally available.

PeopleSoft 9.1: Verity will be supported through September 2018.

PeopleSoft Search Framework

How PeopleSoft Search Framwork works

In PeopleSoft Search Framework, when a user initiates a search, the search request is passed to the search engine. The search engine calls the PeopleSoft API to check for user authentication and security filters associated with the user. The search engine uses the security associated with the user to process the search query to return only the results that are consistent to the user's security. These results are then processed by PeopleTools and application layers to tailor the display of the search results to the user.

The PeopleSoft system schedules and transfers data from the PeopleSoft database at configured intervals, such as hourly or daily, which can be specified by a customer, and it updates security filters only when a search request is issued after the expiration of the cache interval, which is specified by a customer. Search data is indexed at intervals, so the search results displayed to the user are not real-time data. PeopleSoft search indexes are based on Query and Connected Query, which are mainly delivered by PeopleSoft applications. Customers can also create their own search definitions and indexes for their custom query or connected query.

The PeopleSoft Search Framework uses PeopleSoft components such as Integration Broker, Process Scheduler, and Query Manager.

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