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Oracle Database Appliance Using Oracle WebLogic Server Documentation


Oracle Database Appliance is server, storage, and network hardware, combined with network, cluster, and database software and templates. Oracle fully supports all hardware and software components. The hardware and software are engineered together to be simple to configure and maintain, and to be preconfigured for specific database workloads. Oracle Database Appliance is designed to minimize cost, time, and risk in database deployment and maintenance.

Oracle Database Appliance also supports WebLogic Server clusters. By downloading and installing Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) templates that provide WebLogic Server and Oracle Traffic Director, you can quickly configure and provision a high-availability WebLogic domain using the Oracle Database Appliance WebLogic Server Configurator.


  • Using Oracle WebLogic Server
    on Oracle Database Appliance
    for Linux x86-64 HTML PDF
  • Software Kit for WebLogic Server
    Release Notes for Linux x86-64 HTML PDF