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Oracle database products deliver innovative technologies and leading price/performance, from the enterprise to small workgroups, from the cloud to mobile devices, from super-clusters to single servers. Oracle's latest offerings include multitenant cloud services; in-memory real-time data management and data analysis; secure, intelligent storage solutions; support for big data and JSON; and more.

Oracle Database

Provides efficient, reliable, and secure data management for enterprise level, mission-critical transactional applications, query-intensive data warehouses, and mixed workloads.

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Oracle NoSQL Database

Provides multi-terabyte distributed key/value pair storage, enabling scalable throughput and performance.

12c Release 1

Oracle MySQL

Provides cost-effective delivery of reliable, high-performance, and scalable web and embedded applications through the world's most popular open source database.

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Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

A pure in-memory relational database that offers microsecond response time and extremely high throughput for online transaction processing (OLTP) applications. Applications connect and access the database using industry-standard interfaces. TimesTen also supports in-memory analytics and R programming.

Oracle Database Mobile Server

Provides secure connections of embedded devices and mobile applications to Oracle Database. Allows management applications, users, devices, and data on large deployments of mobile or remote devices.

Oracle Berkeley DB

Provides an open source embeddable database library, allowing developers the choice of SQL, Key/Value, XML/XQuery or Java Object storage for their data model. At its core is a fast, scalable, transactional database engine with proven reliability and availability.

Berkeley DB

Berkeley DB Java Edition

Berkeley DB XML

Oracle Database Express Edition

An entry-level, small-footprint database based on the Oracle Database code base. It is free to develop, deploy, and distribute; fast to download; and simple to administer.

Java DB

Provides a fully transactional multiuser relational pure-Java database that can be embedded in data-rich applications or deployed as a stand-alone server. Its SQL and JDBC support ensure a path to an enterprise-level database when the need arises.

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Oracle Rdb

Provides a full-featured, relational database management system for mission-critical applications on OpenVMS platforms.

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Oracle Essbase

Quickly leverage and integrate data from multiple existing data sources and distribute filtered information to end-user communities in the format that best meets the users's needs.

Oracle Essbase

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