Your First Cup: An Introduction to the Java EE Platform


4.5 Building, Packaging, Deploying, and Running the firstcup-war Web Application

In this section, you will build the firstcup-war web application, deploy it to the server, and run the application.

4.5.1 Build, Package, and Deploy the firstcup-war Web Application

Now build and package the DukesBirthdayBean enterprise bean, the FirstcupUser entity, and the firstcup-war web client into a WAR file, firstcup-war.war, then deploy it to the server.

  1. In the Projects tab, select the firstcup-war project.

  2. Right-click firstcup-war and select Run.

After firstcup-war.war deploys successfully to GlassFish Server, a web browser will load the application URL.

4.5.2 Run the firstcup-war Application

  1. On the greeting page, enter your birth date in the Your birthday field. Make sure you use the date pattern specified on the page: MM/dd/yyyy.

  2. Click Submit.

  3. After the response.xhtml page is displayed, click Back to return to the greeting.xhtml page.

  4. Enter a different birthday in the text field and click Submit again to see how the average age of First Cup users changes.