Configuring Backlog Period

The Backlog table (W_SALES_BACKLOG_LINE_F) stores backlog data for the current month. In contrast, the Backlog History table (W_SALES_BACKLOG_HIST_F) stores snapshots of all previous months' historical backlog data. The periods for which the Backlog History table tracks backlog data is defined by the Backlog Period Date.

By default, the date is set as the last calendar day of the month; however you may configure this date. You might want to view backlog history at a more detailed level, such as by day or by week, instead of by 'MONTH' or at a more higher level like Quarter or Year, then this is done by configuring the FSM Parameters - TIME_GRAIN to 'DAY' OR 'WEEK' OR 'QUARTER' OR 'YEAR'. In addition, you must make the ODI changes that are included in this section.

By default, the parameter TIME_GRAIN is set to 'MONTH'. If you want to change the period of aggregates, you will have to set these variables to desired levels. To change the values in FSM, navigate to Manage Parameters, select 'TIME_GRAIN' and click the Edit button.

To set the Time Grain Parameters in FSM:

  1. Navigate to Manage Parameters.
  2. Select TIME_GRAIN and click on the Edit button.
  3. In the Manage Parameter Default values area, specify a value in the Default Value field.

    The valid values are:

    • DAY

    • WEEK

    • MONTH


    • YEAR

    The corresponding Parameter Task in FSM is 'Configure Time Grain for Backlog Period Date'.

Setting the KM option for Backlog Period in ODI

By default the Aggregation period for Backlog Period is set to Month level. If you want to change the period of aggregates, you will have to set the 'OBI_DELETE_TYPE' which is a KM option for the ODI Interface named PLP_SalesBacklogHistoryFact_Load.W_SALES_BACKLOG_HISTORY_F.

To set the OBI_DELETE_TYPE in ODI:

  1. In ODI Designer Navigator, navigate to BIApps Projects, then Mappings, then PLP, then PLP_SalesBacklogHistoryFact_Load folder.
  2. Open the interface 'PLP_SalesBacklogHistoryFact_Load.W_SALES_BACKLOG_HISTORY_F', go to the Flow tab.
  3. In the Property Inspector, navigate to the KM Option "OBI_DELETE_TYPE", change the value to one of the below options as per the setting for the FSM TIME_GRAIN parameter value.
    The valid values for this option are:
    • CAL_DAY

    • CAL_WEEK


    • CAL_QTR

    • CAL_YEAR

  4. Save the interface and regenerate the scenario.