Installation Location

Use this screen to identify where you want to install your Oracle Fusion Middleware software.


  • Depending upon the type of installation you are performing one or more of the fields shown here might not appear on this screen. Each Oracle Fusion Middleware component has different requirements for determining where the software is installed.

  • If you are installing a Patch Set, then you must specify an existing Middleware home that contains the Oracle home that will be patched.

  • If you are performing an installation on a Windows operating system, be sure that your directory paths are valid and do not contain double backslashes (\\).

Field Description

Oracle Middleware Home Location

Use this field to specify the location of your Oracle Middleware home directory.

  • If you are using Oracle WebLogic Server as your application server:

    In the Oracle Middleware Home field, specify the absolute path to your existing Oracle Middleware home directory; this is the directory that was created when you installed Oracle WebLogic Server. If you do not know the full path to your Middleware home, you can click Browse to select an existing directory in your system.

  • If you are using IBM WebSphere as your application server:

    In the Oracle Middleware Home field, specify the absolute path to the directory you want to use as the Middleware home. This directory has no relation to the location of your WebSphere installation. If you specify a directory location that does not already exist, the installer will create the directory for you.

Oracle Home Directory

The Oracle home directory is where your products will be installed. All software binaries will reside in this directory, and no runtime process can write to this directory.

Specify the directory inside the Oracle Middleware home where you want to install your products, but note these items:

  • If you specify a new directory, it will be created inside the Middleware home.

  • If you specify a directory that already exists (for example, you are reinstalling due of an incomplete previous installation), then it must be inside the Oracle Middleware home.

  • If you are using the Oracle Fusion Middleware Application Developer installer, then all the binaries are installed into the Oracle Common home.

  • If you are using a Patch Set installer, the installer will verify that the Oracle home you selected is compatible with the patch set installer you have selected. For example, you cannot patch an Oracle Identity Management Oracle home with the Oracle SOA Suite patch set installer.

WebLogic Server Location

The directory name for your WebLogic Server home. This directory will automatically be created inside the Middleware home. The default name for this directory is "wlserver_" followed by the version number. For example, wlserver_10.3.

Oracle Instance Location

Enter the absolute path to the location where you want to create the Oracle Instance directory. The installer creates the Oracle Instance directory using the location you enter in this field and using the name you enter in the Oracle Instance Name field. Do not enter a path to an existing directory that contains files—if you enter a path to an existing directory, that directory must be empty.

The installer installs the component's configuration files and runtime processes in the Oracle Instance directory. Runtime components will write only to this directory. You can identify any location on your system for the Oracle Instance directory—it does not have to reside inside the Oracle Middleware Home directory.

Oracle Instance Name

Enter a name for the Oracle Instance directory. The installer uses the name you enter in this field to create the Oracle Instance directory at the location you specify in the Oracle Instance Location field. This directory is commonly referred to as ORACLE_INSTANCE.

Instance names are important because Oracle Fusion Middleware uses them to uniquely identify instances. If you install multiple Oracle Fusion Middleware instances on the same computer, for example, an Oracle Identity Management instance and an Oracle WebLogic Server instance, you must give them different names.

The name you enter for the Oracle Instance directory must:

  • Contain only alphanumeric and underscore (_) characters

  • Begin with an alphabetic character (a-z or A-Z)

  • Consist of 4-30 characters

  • Not contain the host name or IP address of the computer


If you are installing the Oracle Discoverer Desktop or Oracle Discoverer Admin applications, use this field to enter the location where the applications will be installed.

Enter the absolute path for the Oracle Home location. This is the directory where the software binaries will reside; no runtime processes may write to this directory. The specified directory must be an empty directory or an existing Oracle Home location.