Software Updates

Use this screen to quickly and easily search for the latest software updates, including important security updates, via your My Oracle Support account.

Element Description

Skip Software Updates

Select this option to skip this screen. The installer will not check for updates that might be applicable to the current product installation.

Search My Oracle Support for Updates

If you have a My Oracle Support account, then select this option to have the installer automatically search My Oracle Support for software updates that apply to the software products are about to install.

Enter your My Oracle Support account name and password, and then click Search for Updates.

The installer automatically downloads applicable software updates from My Oracle Support.

Before you search for update, you can test your login credentials and the connection to My Oracle Support by clicking Test Connection. Click Proxy Settings to configure a proxy server if one is required.

Search Local Directory for Updates

Select this option if you already downloaded the latest software updates and you want the installer to search a local directory for updates applicable to the products you are about to install.

When you select this option, the installer displays an additional field and Browse button that you can use to identify the local directory where your updates are located.