Reapplying Customized Style Sheets

Because of these changes to styles, review your deployment's customizations manually, reapply them, and test them thoroughly to ensure that there are no problems.

For Oracle's Siebel Business Analytics versions 7.7 and later, new styles have been appended to these style sheets

  • Go.css

  • PortalBanner.css

  • PortalContent.css

  • Views.css

These new classes are identified in the style sheets. In this version of Oracle Business Intelligence, new styles and files must be added to the underlying style sheet (for example, to s_Siebel7). For complete functionality, any custom styles require similar updating. In addition, views2.css and some other files have been added to the s_ directory. For custom column formatting to work properly, references to font sizes and families should also be removed from the TD Styles section in PortalBanner.css, PortalContent.css, and Views.css.

After you have tested them, but before you copy the default views.css files back to the implementation server, perform this task on the server to clear the server caches.

To clear the server caches and restore your default views:

  1. Shut down Oracle BI Server, Oracle BI Presentation Services and IIS.
  2. Remove your custom views.css from the directory where it has been installed.

    For example:



  3. Clear the Oracle BI Presentation Services Server Cache.

    In the C:\WINNT\Temp directory, delete the nQs_*.temp files.

  4. Clear the Browser Cache.

    From the Internet Explorer menu, navigate to Tools, then Internet Options , then Settings, then View Files, and delete all the files in this directory.

  5. Restore the default views.css files to the appropriate directory.
  6. Restart the Analytics Server, Oracle BI Presentation Services and IIS.