How to Configure Oracle Business Intelligence with Oracle's Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE)

Whenever you run Oracle Business Intelligence and Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE) on separate systems, you must perform additional configuration steps in order for action links and interactive charts to work. If, for example, you plan to run the SWSE and Oracle BI Presentation Services on different Web servers, you must use some kind of networking or load balancing mechanism to create a single logical domain (or virtual IP address) for the two systems.

When one virtual IP address is created for two systems, the Web browser accesses one IP address and is still routed to different physical systems, based on the port accessed. From the browser, it appears that both servers are running on the same IP address.

You can use any of several physical methods to create a single logical domain, such as running SWSE and Oracle BI Presentation Services on a single system if you are not load balancing the SWSE, or using a router to do the mapping, or using load balancing software. Your company must determine the best mechanism to accomplish this routing given the topology being used.

Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence to work with Siebel Web Extension includes these tasks: