Running the Domains Load Plan

You must define, generate, and run a domains load plan to load source-specific data into Configuration Manager tables. This enables Configuration Manager to display the appropriate source-specific values as choices in drop-down lists for setup objects.

Before you perform this step you must have completed the procedure Registering Source Systems and Propagating Connection Details to Oracle Data Integrator, including registering the source in the Register Source in ODI Topology page. Additionally, if you have Fusion Cloud as a source in a load plan, then do not run such plans until you have set up the Oracle Fusion Applications cloud data source. See Setting up Fusion Applications Cloud Data Sources.

To define, generate, and run the domains load plan:

  1. Define the domains load plan:
    1. In the Tasks pane of Configuration Manager, select Manage Load Plans, which appears under the Load Plans Administration heading.

      The Manage Load Plans page is displayed.

    2. In the Load Plans toolbar, click the Add icon.

      The Create Load Plan page is displayed.

    3. On the first page of the Create Load Plan series, specify this information:
      Field Description


      Enter a unique name for the load plan.


      (Optional) Enter additional information about the load plan.

      Load Plan Type

      Select Domain-only Extract and Load (SDE and SIL).

      Source Instances

      Select a source instance. If you do not select an instance, then all instances are selected by default.

    4. Click Next.

      The second page of the Create Load Plan series displays.

    5. In the Available Fact Groups tab, select the fact groups you want to include in the domains load plan definition.

      The fact groups may belong to a hierarchy of fact groups. You can select only the top level parent fact group and not a child fact group.

      A load plan must contain at least one fact group. Multiple fact groups may be selected from one or more data sources.

    6. Click Save.
      A submenu is displayed with these options:
      • Click Save to save the load plan. After a load plan is saved, it is displayed in the Load Plans master list.

      • Click Save and Generate Load Plan to save the load plan and immediately generate it.

      The generation process in Configuration Manager propagates the load plan properties to the ODI Repository, where the load plan is built.
  2. If you did not generate the load plan upon saving in the previous step, then generate it:
    1. In the Load Plans master list, select the domains load plan you defined in step 1.
    2. In the Load Plans toolbar, click the Generate icon.

    The Generation Status column indicates the progress of the generation process. The process must complete successfully before you can move on to the next step. Click the Refresh icon to refresh the display.

  3. Run the domains load plan by selecting it in the master list, and clicking the Execute icon on the toolbar.